Non-Traditional National Security Agency Roles

Board Room. Gabe Reyes.

Over the last few years, the role of non-traditional national security agencies in executing U.S. objectives internationally has grown.  Examples include:

  • Departments with primarily domestic roles, such as the Department of Agriculture or Health and Human Services, providing their expertise for international stabilization operations. 
  • The Department of Homeland Security plays a significant role in negotiating agreements and sharing information with foreign governments on matters regarding U.S. border or transportation security. It is also responsible for immigration issues, important in both security and in the promotion of U.S. human rights principles.
  • Pandemic diseases or bioterrorist threats are national security concerns that would involve the Department of Health and Human Services. 

The nature of transnational threats, the effect of energy and environmental concerns on our national security, and cooperation on stability operations all offer opportunities for non-traditional agencies to play important roles in national security.